What You Are Saying

  • Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, founders of theSkimm

    theSkimm has been so impressed by Greta Rose Agency’s passion for its clients and their brands. Greta’s energy is contagious
    and her work shows it.

    Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, founders of theSkimm
  • Boldijarre Koronczay, Éminence Organic Skin Care

    Greta was an exceptional project manager, contributed a wealth of knowledge and guidance, negotiated a strategic partnership, provided creative direction and consistently went above and beyond our expectations.

    Boldijarre Koronczay, Éminence Organic Skin Care
  • Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

    Working with Greta Rose Agency on our recent video project was nothing short of a dream.  Her attention to detail, care, enthusiasm and her strong project management were… priceless.  We look forward to our next project!

    Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
  • Scott James, Chief Executive Officer, Moving Art

    Greta Rose has a rare and exceptionally valuable skill set in one person I find an artist, fellow geek, designer/developer, data hound, web guru, strategist… She is well worth the investment and I’ll definitely be back.

    Scott James, Chief Executive Officer, Moving Art

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Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, iRelaunch

“Greta Rose delivered a completely new brand identity for our company, yet worked within the timing and cost constraints we requested of her. Her design concept is bold, timeless, thoughtful and truly resonates with our values and mission. She really captured our aspirations as a company.”

Ross & Melanie Canter, Cookie Good, Inc.

“Greta RULES and we would work with her again and again!  She completely understood our creative vision and designed a website that we are thrilled with and more importantly–proud of!  Her impeccable organization and attention to detail made this process so much easier and we are so excited to see our business grow as a result of her beautiful work.”

Boldijarre Koronczay, President, Éminence Organic Skin Care

“We were so impressed with Greta Rose Agency’s execution of our Éminence Certified Organic Farm website, we immediately engaged Greta to create our Éminence Kids Foundation website as well! These two projects are extremely close to the heart, so it was essential they both convey our highest attention to detail, while expressing an emotional story we could share in a unique and beautiful way to our community. Beyond design and development of the websites and these two separate but related brands, Greta also was an exceptional project manager, contributed a wealth of knowledge and guidance, negotiated a strategic partnership with our foundation’s U.S. initiative, provided creative direction for our farm videos and consistently went above and beyond our expectations. I would strongly recommend Greta Rose Agency!”

Andrea Donofrio, Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

“Working with Greta Rose Agency on our recent video project was nothing short of a dream.  The attention to detail, care and organization (not to mention the high level of project management) that Greta Rose provides makes working with her both easy and enjoyable.  The enthusiasm that Greta Rose puts into her work is… priceless and it shows in the quality of the final product.  We look forward to our next project! “

Jo Anne Yamamoto, Owner, Mimi & Maggie Clothing

Greta, you have given your heart and soul to us these past months! Thank you for sharing yourself, your passion, your creativity and professionalism! You have taught me so much and I am so grateful for all you have done for our website, and so much more! Thank you for bringing so much GOOD to the planet in all you do. A million thank yous!

Kelly Smith, owner Tin Roof Barn Weddings & Events

When I first decided I needed a website for my small business, I knew there was no way I was going to try to design/build it myself, and I was lucky enough to find Greta (the author) through a Google search for web designers. I immediately loved her business website and thought, that’s what I want mine to look like. So, I did the best thing I’ve done for my business yet, which was to hire her for the job.

Before I received the first draft of the website, she told me that I needed to read her book….and why? Because, ‘A lot of what you’re paying me to do for you is in that book.’

That sums up my experience of reading How to Manage Your Own Website – it is to the point, easy to understand and keeps you organized. There are multiple step-by-step instructions on how to do anything you may need to do to manage your site by yourself. I had no idea that a website should be treated like a “brick and mortar” store. SEO? Had no clue what that was or why I needed it. I am a total beginner when it comes to managing a website, but this book is easy for me to understand – I can go back to re-read certain sections and that information will be priceless now that Greta has had to move on to designing other amazing websites (*sniff*) and I’m on my own (EEEK!!!). Do yourself a favor and spend the $13.99 because it’s worth a heck of a lot more than that.

Captain Russell Moore, Owner of Xplore Offshore, Inc.

“I am shocked at how cool my site is. It’s better that anything I could have imagined. The process is the key. Greta makes a huge investment in time. Time to sort, read and interview. She didn’t build her ideal site, she built mine. Greta was able to tell my professional story and do it in a fluid and sleek way. The result is in the multiplying effect of great functionality, clean layouts and a carefully-crafted message. I could not be prouder of what Greta created.

Greta trained me in how to carry my own torch. I am so excited for the new, NEW.”

Polly Bart, PhD., Owner of Greenbuilders, Inc.

“Working with the Greta Rose Agency is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I’m now eight months into the Maintenance Plan and I do not know what I would do without Greta Rose. My contracting business won Best of Baltimore this year, and I’m sure that having the wonder of what I do front and center on my website – instead of hiding somewhere if you can find it – is part of why. Greta helped me understand why I’m so passionate about what I do, and showed me how to share that with others on a regular, manageable basis.

She is constantly upgrading what she does, and I benefit from that every time we talk. It is a series of exciting surprises. Before my work with the Agency, I was proud that I tried to stay with the techie revolution, but I knew I fell short. No more!! Now I know my presentation of my business is cutting edge, genuine, and fun. Greta is what she teaches me to be – a caring human being who is also a consummate business woman.”

Rachel Roberts, Founder of Oyl + Water

“It was complete fate that led me to Greta Rose Agency, and instantly I knew I had serendipitously stumbled upon my new favorite web guru, whom I have nicknamed Greta The Great.

Investing in a website is a big commitment of time, money, creative energy and passion. I didn’t take this project lightly (it’s my brand, after all) and I have very high expectations (I want my clients to feel confident I will deliver the same exceptional results they see on my site.) Greta laid out the process clearly, and led me through it so gracefully, I can honestly say it was one of the smoothest, most rewarding creative projects I’ve worked on – and I work on creative projects for a living!

Greta listened intently and asked all the right questions, providing me with tons of benchmarks and ideas to get our wheels turning. Once we were clear, she swiftly moved into action. When I saw my homepage, I got goosebumps. It was exactly what I wanted, before I knew I wanted it. She captured the essence of my brand so beautifully, it made my message even more powerful. Now, that’s talent!

I was prepared to pay for a beautiful site. Then, I met Greta and she gave me a beautiful site that WORKS. I learned more about my business by working with her, and I made a friend in the process. I feel truly blessed. Thank you, Greta!”

Rachel Armbruster, President, Armbruster Consulting

“Greta Rose has been a terrific resource for me and for my clients. She always understands what we are looking for and makes it come to life. She has wonderful account service skills and can work directly with clients which positively impacts our efficiency as a team. Greta is also very passionate about her work and it shows in every detail and interaction. I have enjoyed working with her and look forward to many more projects together!”

Kimberly Bailey, Owner, The Butter End Cakery

“From dreaming up the AWESOME concept for our homepage image to finding the perfect WordPress template, to final execution and performance tuning, Greta is one BaddAss Supreme Goddess WebMaster and Marketing Guru.

I’m a creative-type. And a control freak. I don’t hand over the wheel to many people, but Greta got my attention with her savvy and insight from our very first conversation. I LOVE that our first conversation was about my business ~ strengths, unique traits, competitors, future vision, goals, etc ~ it had nothing to do with web pages and fonts and links. She got me and my company from Go, and I got her. I handed her the wheel and didn’t have a moment of fear or regret. I knew I was in good hands.

The results speak for themselves. Every single person who sees my new site loses their mind. I finally feel like I have a site that matches the quality and creativity of the work that we do.

As for professionalism, Greta was on time, kept me on time, and was 110% thorough. She breaks it down and transfers knowledge. She dumbs it down for “folks like me” and isn’t interested in making it seem complicated and proprietary.

We now have the keys to manage our own kingdom. Truth is, I’m just better at making cakes than managing a website. I want my and my small staff’s time spent doing what is going to bring us joy and grown our business, so I’m going to sign on for Greta’s maintenance plan. She can do what she does best, and so can I.”

Brenda Strong, Founder, Strong Yoga For Women, Emmy Award-Winning Actress

“Greta Rose is so much more than a web designer!!

One of the most important gifts Greta offers is her ability to listen on an intuitive level and to intrinsically know how to deliver beyond what you can even imagine in an artistic, timely, and professional manner. She is the perfect balance of a right brain creative and a left brain computer geek- the combo is magic.

First, she helped to organize and restructure all of my systems so that I had one cohesive brand. Because of her depth of experience in operations and business development, I was able to hand off the entire project for her to manage. She provided better fulfillment options for my products, for example! I trusted that she understood all aspects of how my business would operate THROUGH the website- not just making a pretty site to look at (which it is!).

After the site was complete, she solidified my entire team, educating us on better marketing practices, inspiring us to develop a unified “Big Idea” and how to cultivate strategic brand opportunities. She created templates for press releases and media plans. In our case, our project culminated with an event, and she delivered on her promise of pitching the story to news outlets and getting our story picked up by a legitimate paper.

As a person, she was a pleasure to work with. She is passionate and became a genuine member of our team for the duration of the project.

For the first time, I am proud to send people to my website. I would strongly recommend hiring Greta Rose to any business needing a significant and effective push towards sustainable growth and rejuvenation.”

Dr. Erin Martin, Partner, TrueMed Institute

“Greta created a beautiful, functional website that exceeded my expectations. Her intuitive ability to visualize how things will look when complete was exactly what was needed to take my very broad ideas and turn them into reality. I am beyond pleased with the the final product, thank you!”

Katie Silva, Founder of Ixchel Rose Healing Center

“Working with Greta was a breath of fresh air! She is masterful at web design and creation and extremely well versed in the most up to date channels of promoting business online. She took my complicated ineffective online presence and client booking systems and transformed them into one well oiled machine that is easy to use for myself and my clients. Greta is patient, clear, reliable, timely and skilled. I recommend her to anyone wanting to promote and build their business in a beautiful and powerful way!”

Dr. Susanne Bennett, best selling author of The 7-Day Allergy Makeover and host of The Wellness For Life Radio show

“Greta Rose Agency was recommended to me by a dear friend I trust inherently. First Greta helped me to organize my brand and all of my many products and services under one “roof”. Second, she listened to my design and style requests and designed a website I love. Third, she respected my budget and my time, and has since provided me with great customer support anytime I needed it. I highly recommend Greta Rose Agency!”

Tim Thornton, President of River Drifters

“I was referred to Greta Rose Agency by a few friends who respected her work and her work ethic. From the start, I was impressed by Greta’s dedication to 3 key components: 1) My new site would be significantly easier, faster, more effective; 2) My website would be a trend SETTER, not a trend follower and stand way out from my competitors; and 3) My site would be strategically optimized with the latest and best tools. I highly recommend Greta Rose Agency!”

Deborah Hall: Founder, Gypsy Canyon Winery

“Greta exceeded my expectations and way over delivered. I had no idea my website could look so beautiful, work so efficiently and be such an extension of my brand. She really understood my ideal customer avatar. She cared deeply about providing an outstanding buyer experience, finding just the right eCommerce platform and teaching me to maintain a standard for my online reputation that she helped to establish. I highly recommend Greta Rose Agency to anyone wanting to create an online business the right way. You’ll be thrilled with the immediate results.”

Heather Hayward C.Ht.

“To step from role of Coach into Student was both refreshing and exhilarating, and Greta Rose played her role brilliantly, transforming my site from a static, wordy brochure into a personal web presence inviting customers to come play with me. Plus, she did her job holding my hand the entire way. Standing Ovation. Bravo!”

Mitchell Lum: Marketing Manager, Know Yourself, Inc.

“Our website building skills were below a basic level when we started working with Greta. Not only does our team have an awesome looking and functional website but also a working knowledge of how it all works. We high recommend Greta for beginners and experts, she is technical and a brilliant artist all in one package.”


Danica Siegel, President, I AM Fragrance

“Greta you are exceptional at what you do! Thank you for your expertise, quick turnaround and warm guidance through the redesign. The entire experience was better than I could have asked for. I am so happy with your work! Raving about you us easy! And thank you for the bits of humor along the way. It was fun! You ROCK!!!”

Carrie Kennedy, Co-Owner, The Gorge White House

“Creating our new website with Greta was an amazing experience. She took me through the process professionally and seamlessly, making deadlines early and delivering results that reflect her creative talent. I couldn’t be happier with our new site! It works for us, generates business and is easy to manage. Thank You Greta Rose!”

Carole Schmidt, Executive Director, Mosier Schools

“You are wonderful to work with, creative, responsive and quick to understand our culture and needs. Other people are already asking who did our site. Thanks for your energy and perspective – it is spot on!”

Heidi Roberts, Founder, Motion Therapy, LLC

“Greta Rose Agency is exceptional! You have captured my story with your creative eye, polished process and passion for digital story telling! The result: a website that I love!

Thank you so much for your accountability, collaboration and deep desire to deliver value!”

Tweet 5K

“Greta gave this project an awesome vibe, brand and elevated the entire event. It’s cool, right?”

Teri Smith, owner Life Outside

“Now we’re talking. LOVE IT!!!! It’s Perfect!”

Michelle Weilert, Professional Playwright

“Since I’m a writer who isn’t selling a product, but rather herself and her unique voice, finding a web designer who could capture me seemed a bit of a challenge – until I found Greta. After a few conversations, she managed to created a website that not only spoke to the essence of me and my writing, but was also beautiful, efficient, and easy to use. I don’t think it can be overstated how great of a teacher Greta is – she really makes you understand and appreciate that you are the one using it, so you need to know exactly how it works! You know someone’s good at their job when they can make you feel as confident as I did about my website following my time with Greta. 4 stars, and it even made web management fun!”

Jodi Jones, Owner, 5th Element Salon

“More than I expected! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the exceptional service provided by Greta Zagarino.

I’ve previously been disappointed and felt like I was not getting what I wanted or what I was paying for through the process of finding a web site designer. I was referred to Greta, and from our first consultation she listened and immediately understood our business culture and style! She proceeded to design a site that couldn’t be more perfect!

Besides being very talented and creative, Greta is also very organized. Not only did she stay on schedule, she was able to keep me on schedule, with her agenda and timeline. That is a feat in itself! Thank you so much Greta! You rock!!”

Steve Edelman, Co-Founder, Unfinished Business Esalen Workshop Series

“Greta Rose is one of those rare individuals who delivers beyond expectation.

Her visual sense and grasp of what is best communicated through a website is extraordinary.

And she’s fun. And original.”

Frank and Sandra Jasper, Owners, Osani Holistic Health Care

“Thanks to her guidance, patience, knowledge and expertise we now have a beautiful website, online store and Facebook business page. We are so happy that we chose Greta to help us take our business to the next level.”

Subhadra 'Subi' Katz, Owner, Subi Salon

“Greta Rose exceeded my expectations in every way.

Not only did I end up with a site that I’m completely in love with, I even came away with an understanding of how and why social media works. No easy feat! Now I feel confidant enough to approach the world online marketing, where before it was overwhelming. She went out of her way to make sure that every detail of my site worked and stayed within my budget. Most impressive, she tied together the randomness of my services seamlessly and beautifully. She is passionate, creative, talented and still geeky enough to make the ideas work.

I can’t wait to collaborate on our next project. Thank you!”

Jennifer Collins, President, JCFA Consultants

“Thank you so much, Greta, for your attention to detail throughout my site redesign. You are seriously on top of your game!”

Dawn Alane , Sculptress

“Greta Rose not only designs beautiful websites, she leads you through the process with intention, grace & laser precision. Her thoroughness & exploration of what you are offering, who you are and where you want to go, shapes & sculpts a crystal clear message that shines through every page of my website.

She made the process fun, creative and inspiring~ Thanks, Greta!”

Ron Armstrong, Founder, DRL Software Solutions, LLC

“I highly recommend Greta Rose Agency. With just two weeks before an important conference, I approached Greta Rose and asked her to create a site that would help me launch my new web platform which addresses two separate audiences. She made herself available 24/7 to meet the deadline, collaborated efficiently with my entire team to achieve that goal and did so throughout the entire experience with her wonderful spirit The website is responsive, the graphic design elements are cool and Greta Rose was able to present an enormous amount of data in an intuitive, user-friendly and visually appealing way. I’m grateful to know Greta!”

Katie, Nicole, Molly, The Twiggs Team

“Greta Rose designed a simple, elegant website for Twiggs in downtown Hood River. She was fast, delivered exactly what we wanted with little to no direction, and exceeded our expectations in every way!”

Erik Ekman, President, Outside Van

“Outside Van hired Greta for a test gig to work on our Fan Page. She did more than she said she would do, our stats went up 27% like she said they would, her design was on target for our audience and she followed through to make sure we were happy. We’d definitely hire Greta Rose Agency again.”

Jason Anderson, Principal, Pharr Anderson Architects

“Greta Rose guided us through a major site re-design with clear instruction and mastery. She found the perfect platform for us to present our large body of work in a concise and streamlined manner to our current and future clients, and we can now manage this ourselves, which is truly invaluable.”

Meredith Holcomb, Owner, M Yoga Studio

“In my endeavor to create a dynamic, clean, elegant and easy to navigate website, Greta has delivered an amazing quality design based on the creative yet cutting edge and professional look I was wanting to achieve. She has been impeccable with her word, helped me to stay on task so we could complete our project as outlined in agreement and has empowered me to maintain my website by taking valuable time to teach me the basics and beyond. I value her professionalism, commitment and the high quality with which she approaches her service to others through her work!”

Cyndee Kurahara, Owner, Joe Brown's Carmel Corn, Portland

“Greta managed not only the design and build of my site and fan page, but she personally helped negotiate a major ad placement on a national competitor’s website. Greta takes design to a whole new level and actually teaches you how to run an online business.”

Nichole Ekman, Owner, Sacred Hair

“Greta met my expectations above and BEYOND! She is insightful, creative, efficient and follows through. Greta helped me focus, make the magic happen, held my hand along the way and got it done FAST.

I would recommend Greta’s services to anyone wanting to connect with their audience in an effective, personal way. JUST SAY YES!”

Darcy Hunter, Owner, SEED Photography

“Thank you Greta for updating my website, I really love it and appreciate all of the work you put into it to make it uniquely mine. I am excited about how easy it is to update and the tutorials on your website will be very helpful.

You’re the best!”

Erica Meloe, PT

“Greta Rose is the rockstar of web design! Her creative process and technical expertise make it a win/win all round. I would recommend her, hands down, to anyone.”

Kristin Scheifele, KS Design Studios

“I know a lot about furniture, textiles and lighting, but know NOTHING about designing websites. Thank goodness for Greta!  From Day 1, she clearly and patiently guided me through the process. At the end of our time together, I walked away with a beautiful, clean website to showcase my talents and amp up my interior design business. In addition, I gained an invaluable amount of knowledge,  from her tutorials so that I can manage KSDesign Studios myself. Greta rocks and I could never have done this without her.”

Mindy Springer, Alta Blackjack Ski Lodge

“More and more, in a way I find undeniable, I feel a call to everyone on the planet to be the change they want to see in the world. To create a vision, put forth an intent, ask for help and then bring it into the world. As I explore this calling, I am so inspired by all the things I notice… first of all, sometimes for whatever reason it can be really scary. Second, what an amazingly gratifying, inspiring, electrifying thing it can be when you are given the help you have been asking for.

Greta, for me, you have been the vehicle – the chariot- through so much of this beginning. I came to you daunted, weighted down by my vision of what my site could be, discouraged to the point of almost being embarrassed of my ideas. Just before my call to you for help I had written out what I had hoped for in a web designer, and like fulfilling the items on a check list, you delivered on every wish, dream and desire I put forth. Moving forward with you, the vision list, both spoken and unspoken, continued to roll out and you, perfectly in sync, continued to check every item off of it. Your gentle enthusiastic encouragement and support is just what I needed to regain my footing – like an angel or a protector I feel you delivered me from a place of defeat to a place where I am empowered, inspired and excited.

Yes, you have given me a beautiful completed website that fulfills my every wish of what it could be – but you have also given me a gift of inspiration and empowerment that goes much deeper. No matter how future forward the website is – someday it will become obsolete- but this gift you have given me is something I will treasure always. It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. The only down side to having a beautiful completed website that has been finished on time is that now I do not have an immediate excuse to collaborate with you further. I hold an intention that this is the beginning, not the end of a friendship and a future that has more fun projects in it! Yay!

With so much gratitude,